Autism Speaks has published 38 Tool Kits that focus on a variety of ASD related topics, including:

  • 100 Day Kit for children after they have been diagnosed,
  • Advocacy Tool Kit,
  • Behavior Health Treatment Took Kit, Blood Draw Tool Kit,
  • Dental Tool Kit,
  • Constipation Tool Kit,
  • Medication Tool Kit,
  • Feeding Tool Kit,
  • EEG Tool Kit, Pica Tool Kit,
  • Medication Decision Aid,
  • ABA Guide, Toilet Training Guide,
  • Puberty and Adole scents Guide,
  • Sleep Tool Kit.
  • Vision Exam Tool Kit,
  • Visual Support Tool Kit,
  • Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit,
  • Community-Based Skills Assessment Tool Kit,
  • Employment Tool Kit,
  • Family Support Tool Kit,
  • Housing and Community Living Tool Kit,
  • IEP Tool Kit, etc.

These tool kits are guides for families and providers to use that are written in easy format to understand.

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Center Based Therapy

Home Based Therapy

Web Based Organization