Please Stop Talking! Have you thought this about your past therapist? Have you wondered how they could try and help you when they did not stop long enough to get to know you? As a Clinical Psychologist in practice over 20 years I have heard this complaint more than any other amongst patients of mine who have previously been in psychotherapy. In my clinical practice I respect the patient as the expert on themselves and will work with you to bring out the insight, esteem, knowledge and coping strategies you had inside or were open to learning about.
I take a practical approach in the treatment of my patients. I try to fit the type of therapeutic approach with the personality and educational background of my patients for the best fit. Many other therapists try to fit everyone they see into the same type of model which only fits some people.
I have advanced training with a post-doctoral masters in Clinical Psychopharmacology, (MSCP). My background/training will allow me to work closely with your primary care physician and/or your psychiatrist for my patients who are already taking some form of psychotropic medications.


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