CLS is one of the largest non-profit agencies in Michigan and supports individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages. We have a mission to support people to exercise control and authority over their own lives. We have a “Whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to supporting people.

Our Supports Coordinators are trained professionals, well-versed on Self-Determination and Person-Centered Planning. The Supports Coordinator is the primary contact when accessing services from CLS. They are the people you can choose as an advocate and will coordinate supports and services. The Supports Coordinator is responsible for following Person-Centered Planning and the CLS Mission and Vision while working on behalf of the person receiving services. Below is a list of the services and supports we offer:

  • Advocacy
  • Clinical Supports
  • Fiscal Intermediary
  • Peer Mentor
  • Supports Coordination
  • Skill-Building
  • Behavioral Health Supports
  • Community Living Supports
  • Supports Brokers
  • Respite
  • Self Determination
  • Benefits Coordination
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Independent Facilitation
  • Rights and Advocacy
  • Residential Supports
  • Children/Family Services
  • Medication Treatment Review
  • Rights Restriction Due Process Review
  • Substance Abuse
  • Supported Employment/Micro-Enterprise Development


Our Address:

35425 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184