A Place of Our Own Clubhouse is a community of people who are living with a mental illness. The goal of the Clubhouse is for each member to reach their full potential. The Clubhouse helps people with mental illness lead a healthy life.

Everyone in the Clubhouse is an equal member. Each member helps decide how to run the Clubhouse. Staff and Clubhouse members work together, side by side.

The Clubhouse community is a support system. Each member is included and encouraged to take part. Members take part as they feel ready.

The Clubhouse provides opportunities for members to return to paid employment.

This is an option, and it is not required. A Place of Our Own Clubhouse offers transitional work experience (TWE),supported employment (SE), and independent employment (IE).

The Clubhouse offers activities to help members become a part of their community. Together, members and staff organize these social activities. These activities could take place both at the Clubhouse or in the community. The Clubhouse also offers activities on the weekends, in the evenings, and on holidays.