AACORN offers a program that emphasizes skill building aimed at independent performance of skills. Healthy lifestyles are promoted through meaningful, daily tasks performed in a quiet, rural setting and in the community.
•    A walking program calms anxiety and increases physical stamina
•    Arts and crafts
•    Sewing and blanket-tying
•    Outdoor picnics, enjoying nature
•    Trips to purchase animal feed and supplies
•    Planning meals, shopping, and cooking
•    Plant husbandry, from seed to harvest
•    Canning harvested produce
•    Cleaning indoor spaces and animal cages
•    Feeding animals
•    Riding horses
•    Milking goats and making goat-milk soap
•    Collecting, washing, and packaging eggs
•    Delivering homemade products to local non-profits
•    Collecting money from coin jars, counting money, rolling coins
•    Office/clerical tasks

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