The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra enriches the culture of Southeast Michigan by offering musical programs that engage, inspire and educate people of all ages both on and off the stage, all through the year. We make the music come alive on the stages of the Michigan Theater and Hill Auditorium and at your child’s school, in your library, or at your local farmers market.

The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra participates in MyTurn Sensory Friendly Sundays. When this event is scheduled, families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders are invited to attend this free program in a less-stimulating and crowd-free environment. Please visit AAoMi Community Calendar to check when My Turn events are scheduled at the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

During the Instrument Petting Zoo children will have the chance to get up close and personal with the orchestral instruments they see professionally played on stage while learning how vibrations become sound, and sound becomes music!

This My Turn program will include time for visitors to participate in ASD-friendly hands-on activities with specially trained staff and volunteers. We will also offer sunglasses, noise reducing earmuffs, and a “quiet room” with tactile toys for families who need to step away from the activities for a bit.

While the program is recommended for ages 5 and above, all are welcome to participate.

Please visit for more information and materials to help prep your family for a fun and engaging visit!