CMH is a family organization with statewide staff and membership who support activities to enhance the system of services which address the needs of children with serious emotional disorders and their families. ACMH is a statewide chapter of the national Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health and our membership of over 1200 individuals is comprised of family members, professionals and concerned community members.

We provide advocacy to individual children and their families across Michigan, to help them secure the most appropriate and effective services possible.

We work in partnership with the Department of Community Health, Family Independence Agency, Community Mental Health Authorities, Family Court, the Department of Education and local school districts and have many accomplishments to celebrate.

Our local staff (who are predominately parents of children with serious emotional disorders) are active in system reform efforts and are often the catalyst for important innovations in local service systems. At the state level, ACMH staff and volunteers advocate for policy and legislative development to improve services to families.