This websites offers a number of self-directed parent trainings on Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism that are fairly easy to use. Parents can visit the website and take the courses of interest or an ABA Provider agency can guide parents to specific topic areas that align with their child’s treatment programming.

Two modules with 10 lessons each are established, that include: Positive Behavior Strategies for Your Child with Autism & Strategies for Teaching Functional Skills.

The trainings are in slide format with audio and also include quiz questions as you progress through the training.

This training would be a good tool for parents to learn to deliver techniques along with learning how to monitor technicians in the home that are delivering ABA to their child to ensure fidelity and treatment progress. (Beginner Learner Capabilities)

The Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the UC Davis MIND Institute sponsored the production of the ADEPT training modules.


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