Autism Unlocked was created by experienced ASD professionals who continue to work within the field. Autism Unlocked has successfully merged technology and an ASD classroom tested format for learning. Autism Unlocked is the first website for ASD users that will teach specific conversation and communication skills while providing a fun and motivational format. Autism Unlocked will require users to compete learning activities before gaining access to the fun page. The fun side of the website will have video clips, music, a drawing pad, and much more. The combination of the learning and the fun side will teach users the concept of working towards a reward. Teaching users the concept of working towards a reward is an essential life skill and leads to independence.

Autism Unlocked has developed a conversation simulation game called Talk to Learn. Talk to Learn is the first game on the learning side of the site. The site continues to be developed and Autism Unlocked will keep adding more learning games to the learning side of the site. Autism Unlocked will also continue to develop the fun side of the site to keep the rewards motivating and fun for all users.