Bright Pine Behavioral Health is a private clinic that specializes in educational, psychological, and neuropsychological assessments for children, teens, and adults. Our evaluations assess personal strengths and weaknesses to further understand diagnosis and treatment; and examine how an individual’s brain functions impact behavior and learning. All testing at our clinic is completed by a doctoral level psychologist. Services are provided for ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental conditions, dementia, cognitive decline, and problems related to behavior, mood, or anxiety. We do surgery readiness evaluations (such as, bariatric surgery and spinal cord stimuator surgery); and also test for giftedness.
Providers at our practice provide therapy services for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, LGBTQ, and other behavioral, emotional, and life-transitional issues. Treatment plans for therapy are designed to meet individual needs and integrate evidence based practices such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness, among others.
If your child is struggling in school, we will discuss interventions to maximize learning potential as well as eligibility for special education. Please call or email Dr. Kat Lewitzke today for a free phone consultation. Weekend appointments are available.


Our Address:

6060 Dixie Highway, Suite H Clarkston, MI 48346