Comprehensive Early Autism Services provides in home ABA therapy services to children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Within the home, we help children from ages 2-12 learn things such as communication, social skills, self help skills, toileting, pre academic skills and provide a robust parent training program. At our Troy office, we provide social skills groups a few times per week so that children can start to generalize their skills from their home to the community.

Consulting services: (sometimes able to get insurance coverage, not always) 
  • feeding programs
  • sleep training
  • toilet training
  • social skills
  • (free) consultation and insurance support from our CFO Vince regardless if they get services from us.
Expectation of our consultants:
  • IEP support
  • bi weekly/ weekly 2 hour team meetings consistently. based on number of hours of direct ABA
  • Parent involvement required
  • advocate for client/families
  • collaboration across all providers including doctors, OT,SPL,PT, and/or any other professional working with the client
  • academic and independent living goals

Services Offered:

  • Family connection events. Free events. will update as they come up
  • in home therapy
  • community outing  support
  • family outings support ( we find that generalization is essential and once the client is ready, meeting behavioral plan goals at home we push for using these skills outside of the home to help create a better quality of life for the entire family.)
  • Playdates with other clients (matching them up and having social goals)
Troy clinic space ONLY:
  • Diagnostic testing, accept bridge auth. (we do not require ABA services if assessment is done trough us. we will give our assessment clients a list of providers that we know provide quality work and allow them to find what is best for their child and family needs, we realize we may not be the best for every family)
  • social skills (matched in a age range, but a focus on developmental milestones. before starting social groups, each client is assessed using the SSRS assessment. each child has a 1:1 therapist to work on the goals as they move through the social group services. Insurance in accepted as well as out-of-pocket cost).
  • clinic based ABA
  • research with Oakland University


Our Address:

5877 Livernois Rd #104, Troy, MI 48051