Dekko Comics, (or ‘Dekko’), are short comic stories of fun and often absurd characters. Through these stories, they also communicate educational information, making them an entertaining visual alternative to learning and revising in the conventional way of reading. The name comes from an old english slang word for ‘to take a look’ at something.


We personally believe there is nothing boring about

education, but there is in the way it is often presented and communicated. These comics mean to address that problem, and in doing so also provide something that visual learners, some people with dyslexia or autism, and those simply who are bored with homework will find easier and more natural


Yes. They have been tested on 5 different Schools in Scotland, as well as individuals; (Torrance Primary, Blackfriars Primary, Hawick High School, The High School of Glasgow, and the HSOG Jr School). It has also been seen and approved by members of GDSS, as well as parents and teachers in and outside of these schools. The information is based on the current curriculum and has been validated by primary school teachers, and tutors of Glasgow University. As for the pupils we tested them on, (ranging from Primary 4 to S5), they have received very warm and enthusiastic responses. They showed quick and easy engagementwith the material, found the content very digestible the more times they read it, and generally found the information clear to understand.


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