The Kennedy Krieger Institute Center for Autism offers families: Clinical service provider of multidisciplinary evaluations, day treatment, and behavioral therapy for children with ASD in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Website provides information and support for families with a child with ASD.

1. Outreach initiative provides:

a. Early signs of autism video tutorial;

b. Physician webinar on medication management;

c. Sharing Treatment and Autism Resources (STAR) Parent & Professional Trainings with a web-based archive for all past trainings with resources;

d. Annual autism conference.

2. Inspiring stories of treatment successes for children diagnosed with ASD:

3. Free guides and fact sheets:

a. “Healthy Smiles for Autism” that helps parents teach children with ASD how to brush and floss with the help of step-by- step instruction, social stories, and visual sequencing cards that can be used wherever brushing happens. The guide also provides information to help parents prepare their children for a first dental visit. Free download at;

b. Coping with an autism diagnosis;

c. Picture exchange communication factsheet;

d. Visual aids factsheet;

e. Sensory processing factsheet;

f. Parent’s guide to research.