The Arc Lekotek is provided by The Arc of Northwest Wayne County and funded by The Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health agency.

Lekotek is a worldwide system of support for families with children who have disabilities.  Lekotek is a Swedish made up word for play library.  The first Lekotek was started in Stockholm in 1963.  Two Scandinavian women, who were parents of children with disabilities, felt play was the most natural way to reach out to their children and other families in situations such as theirs.  Not only would play stimulate the child’s development, it would also bring added joy into the child’s life.

The Arc Lekotek respects the child’s right to explore, create, and interact through play.  At Lekotek, the emphasis is on the enjoyment of play.  Children are permitted to use toys the way they wish as long as they are safe.  Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to join in play activities at Lekotek and at home.  The Arc Lekotek assists families by providing an elaborate toy inventory including typical toys and some specialized, adapted toys.  Creative Lekotek Leaders model fun activities and encourage interactive play.  The Arc Lekotek also assists families with information which support their special needs.

Lekotek Leaders provide all children an inviting, fun environment and creative play ideas that stimulate any child’s play abilities.  Lekotek Leaders are certified through the National Lekotek Center in Evanston, Illinois, have an educational background in special education or a related field, and have experience with children who have developmental disabilities.

Annual membership with Lekotek includes twelve, one hour play sessions conducted by a certified Lekotek Leader at The Arc Lekotek Center



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