The Early Learning Institute at Michigan State University utilizes principles and procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to deliver therapeutic services to children ages 3-4 years old who have autism spectrum disorders. Programming is delivered within the Child Development Laboratory Preschool at MSU and individualized to the needs and goals of each child and family. Programming is developed and supervised by a Doctoral Level Board Certified Analysist(BCBA-D). Each child attends the Institute year-round for an entire day, Monday through Thursday. Children learn skills across several pivotal domains including play, social and pre-academic. The Early Learning Institute is committed to supporting the entire family and provides highly structured ABA therapy in intensive, small group, and inclusive environments, guided by the child’s success. We conduct comprehensive and individualized skill assessments on a regular basis to identify every child’s strengths, areas for growth and to monitor progress. We provide consultation for transition to school programs.


Our Address:

4552 Spahr Ave. Holt, MI 48842