Play-Place for Autistic Children is a 501(c)3 organization located in Sterling Heights, MI. Play-Place’s mission is to provide a fun-filled, judgment-free, haven of hope for families affected by autism and other special needs. Through a unique play-powered environment, combining education and recreation with a variety of social, occupational and physical therapeutic overtones, Play-Place’s one of a kind model will be a revolutionary compliment to the autism equation of intervention and awareness. Designed to promote cognitive and social development, sensory integration, balance & coordination, endless hours of excitement, as well as professional support services and respite relief for parents and siblings, our curriculum will service all ages. Play-Place’s bottom line focuses on development, life skills and independence to assist families with the everyday nuances of “living with autism.”


Play-Place is open to all ages, all cognitive levels, and all special needs. Parents are required to remain with their children, and siblings are welcome here as well.