The Color of Autism is a Non-Profit (501 c3) organization committed to educating and assisting African American families with children with autism. It was founded in 2009 by a parent whose son was diagnosed with ASD and struggled to get services. African-American children are frequently confronted with late diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Many misdiagnosed and undiagnosed African American children in at risk communities end up in the criminal justice system each year. The Color of Autism Foundation is devoted to empowering African American Families and Underserved Communities by creating programs that lessen their isolation and help them thrive. It is committed to ensuring that all people with autism receive appropriate, effective services and training to maximize their growth potential. The Color of Autism knows that African American Autism Support is vital to the development of underserved children. Its goal is to help families identify the warning signs of autism early on and to overturn disparities by helping African-Americans with autism. It seeks to empower families with information on autism that they can use to advocate services for their child. The non-profit encourages volunteerism (becoming an ambassador that increases autism awareness in the African American Community), donations, and sponsorship (providing iPads to non-verbal and limited- verbal children).

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