Adolescents on the autism spectrum and those with other cognitive challenges are missing out on critical social skills and life skills, impacting their ability to function effectively in society. Without a solid foundation, they can face lifelong struggles when it comes to forming meaningful social relationships.

The result? Isolation. Depression. Difficulty finding employment. Victimization. Involvement with the criminal justice system.

Educators and therapists face a host of roadblocks when it comes to addressing this critically glaring issue.

That’s where The Healthy Relationships Curriculum comes in. This comprehensive package of 37 essential lessons provides young people with the life and social skills they will need as they move onto the next stage of life.

With such a wide range of important topics covered, curriculum users can receive comprehensive training so that they will be up and running in no time.

  • The Curriculum includes more than 35 videos to teach critical social skills.

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