Opportunity Center is a Clubhouse community that encourages and supports recovery for adults affected by mental illness. It provides a place for people to go to find meaningful relationships, meaningful work and a place to belong to work towards recovery. 

At Opportunity Center, members and staff work side by side to ensure that day to day tasks are accomplished. The Clubhouse is purposefully understaffed to create a need for members to not only attend but to participate in the daily work needs of the program as well. Members are encouraged to participate in every aspect of the Clubhouse from administration to maintenance. 

Clubhouses focus on the strengths and abilities of the membership, encourage members to enhance their abilities and provide opportunities to strengthen skills. 

The Basic Components of a Clubhouse
1. A Work Day
2. The Employment Programs
3. The Evening, Weekend and Holiday Programs
4. Community Support
5. Reach-out
6. Education

7. Housing
8. Decision-making and Governance