At the Autism Center for Child Development, we provide comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) for young children with autism spectrum disorders. Our therapy is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and is individualized for each child.

Depending on the child’s needs, therapy may target the following areas:
• Language and communication
• Cognitive functioning
• Pre-academic skills
• Adaptive and self-help skills, including toilet training
• Safety skills
• Social skills
• Play and leisure skills
• Attending and social referencing
• Coping and tolerance skills
• Community integration
• Vocational skills
• Parent/caregiver training
• Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors

Wedgwood’s Developmental Treatment Specialist (DTS) staff seek to assist children with developmental disabilities in developing skills to maximize their individual potential so they can return to a less restrictive community setting. The DTS staff are specially trained to work with these youth and will show families how to help their child with his or her unique challenges.


  • This co-ed program serves youth ages 6 to 18.
  • Wedgwood’s DD Program is geared to serve youth who fall in the Autism Spectrum (ASD) or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) diagnosis range.
  • To be eligible for admission into the home, youth should have an ASD or PDD diagnosis and have a neurodevelopmental or mental health disorder that significantly impairs life skills in at least three of the following: self-care abilities, expressive/receptive language abilities, learning, mobility, and ability to make self-directed personal decisions.
  • Children served can also have seizure disorder, traumatic brain injury, learning difficulty, genetic disorder or cerebral palsy.



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