Grade/Position:  Grade III – Mental Health Assistant
The Current Assignment for this Job Opening is: 
St. Clair County Community Mental Health Authority – Children’s Services – Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
Starting Salary:  $15.74 per hour

Hours/Schedule: 28 Hours per week – Regular Part-Time (Actual total hours not guaranteed)

Essential Functions:
An employee in this position is required to perform some or all of the following:  provide direct consumer services in therapeutically-orientated activity and skills training programs and/or in follow-up outpatient/aftercare programs; oversee and conduct various activities such as didactic groups, life skills development and individual or team activities; instruct and/or assist in self-care, grooming, personal hygiene, and other activities of daily living; assist with development of independent living skills; guide development of work skills, supervise work activities, and document work performance; assist in implementing IPOS to increase individuals’ abilities in areas of academics, social interaction, gross and fine motor coordination; transport individuals to and from program or on planned activities or filed trips; document performance, behavior, and treatment progress; use approved Intervention Techniques in a safe and appropriate manner as needed; provide medication administration and observe/record response; assist casemanager/support coordinator in casemanagement activities; assist individual/family in dealing with community based services/systems; comply with Transportation Policy (09-002-0010), Alcohol & Drug Testing Policy (06-001-0010), and Background Check Policy (06-001-0015), and supervisors/designee directives; maintain confidentiality.

St. Clair County Community Mental Health embraces an employment environment that promotes recovery and discovery, a person-centered approach to treatment services, and cultural competence. An employee in this or any position is expected to support the employment environment.

Job Summary:  See Attached

Minimum Qualifications:
(an employee in this class, upon appointment, must have the following credentials, training, and experience)

Technical Skills
– High School Diploma or general educational development (GED) certificate with experience listed below

– Valid Michigan Driver’s License

– Must have experience working with children with Autism
– Must have at least 40 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis training
– Must have training in Autism

– If using Agency vehicles, passing random drug and alcohol screening

Behavioral Skills

Applicants chosen for interview will be evaluated on qualifications related to:
– Ability to utilize clear procedures for solving a limited number of routine or similar problems choosing from a few specific alternatives
– Ability to respond to directions
– Ability to exert some control over time and effort.
– Ability to provide or exchange routine information
– Ability to deal with minor conflicts tactfully

Preferred Qualifications: (be sure to include any cultural competence issues)

Technical Skills
– Bachelor’s degree in psychology
– Demonstration of Proficiency and Experience Working on an Electronic Health Record System
– Lived experience with behavioral health issues

Application Procedure: APPLY ONLINE ONLY

Selection Procedure:
Apply Between :  09/09/2016 – 09/22/2016 Open Posting (AFSCME Members Given First Consideration)

When submitting an application and/or resume be sure to include evidence that the minimal qualifications are met (copies of license, description of years of experience, skill based experience/training, etc.)

Applicants that meet the Authority’s initial screening may be subject to a preinterview test lasting up to two (2) hours.

Any offer of employment is contingent upon a Criminal Background Check, as well as a 5 Panel Drug Screen. Potential candidates will be sent to Industrial Health Service for a screening at their own expense ($29). When results are negative for the drug screen, the candidate will then be reimbursed the cost of the screening.