Grade/Position:  Grade IV – ABA Technician

The Current Assignment for this Job Opening is: 
St. Clair County Community Mental Health Authority – Children’s Services – Applied Behavioral Analysis
Starting Salary:  $37,802

Hours/Schedule: 37.5 Hours – Regular Full-Time

Essential Functions:
An employee in this position is required to perform some or all of the following duties, however these do not include all of the tasks which the employee may be expected to perform:  Implement ABA interventions as identified in the ABA treatment plan; design and implement data collection methods; graph and interpret, through visual analysis, behavior acquisition and behavior reduction procedures; design, implement, and modify skill acquisitions programs; collect and interpret ABA data; maintain treatment fidelity; conduct functional behavior assessments and design behavior reduction procedures; train behavior technicians to maintain treatment fidelity; be familiar with ABA skills assessments.

St. Clair County Community Mental Health embraces an employment environment that promotes recovery and discovery, a person-centered approach to treatment services, and cultural competence. An employee in this or any position is expected to support the employment environment.

Minimum Qualifications:

Technical Skills
– Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Service Field

– Valid Michigan Driver’s License

– Experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum
– Ability to work effectively and efficiently as part of a team
– Demonstration of fluency of ABA basic concepts and principles
– Demonstration of fluency in Verbal Behavior Training and teaching procedures
– Experience with data collection/analysis

Must be eligible to sit for the BCaBA exam in 2016
– Must be willing to pursue BCBA certification
– Must have access to transportation
– Must have home and/or cell phone
– If using Agency vehicles, passing random drug and alcohol screening

Behavioral Skills

Applicants chosen for interview will be evaluated on qualifications related to:
– Ability to follow general procedures and specific precedents
– Ability to exercise discretion in problem solving by selecting an optimal solution from established alternatives to obtain the desired outcome
– Ability to control own time and efforts and efficiently control resources allocated to the job (e.g. equipment, supplies, budget)
– Ability to provide, exchange, or explain information of a technical or otherwise complex nature
– Ability to deal with minor conflicts tactfully

Preferred Qualifications:

Technical Skills
– Bachelor’s degree in Psychology
-Lived experience with behavioral health issues

Application Procedure: APPLY ONLINE ONLY

Selection Procedure:
Apply Between : 5/10/2016 – 5/16/2016 Open Posting (AFSCME Members Given First Consideration)

When submitting an application and/or resume be sure to include evidence that the minimal qualifications are met (copies of license, description of years of experience, skill based experience/training, etc.)

Applicants that meet the Authority’s initial screening may be subject to a preinterview test lasting up to two (2) hours.

Any offer of employment is contingent upon a Criminal Background Check, as well as a 5 Panel Drug Screen. Potential candidates will be sent to Industrial Health Service for a screening at their own expense ($28). When results are negative for the drug screen, the candidate will then be reimbursed the cost of the screening.


Contact: Joy Hill [email protected]