RESPONSIBLE TO:            Vice President of Behavioral Health
The QBHP works within the Autism Program alongside other skilled BCBA’s, QBHP and BCaBA’s, and a team of Behavior Technician’s to provide a range of applied behavior analysis (ABA) assessments and clinical services for children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities. The QBHP consults, provides training to caregivers, conducts behavioral evaluations of clients and designs behavior and individual support plans for clients. The QBHP is responsible for coordinating, scheduling, communicating and continually evaluating the effectiveness of functional assessments, behavioral evaluations, behavior plans and individual education plans for clients on their caseload. A QBHP is a clinical teacher who educates, observes, assesses, and supervises the educational activities and service delivery of Behavioral Technicians. The QBHP is required to adhere to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts. The QBHP maintains a weekly billable caseload of service hours as directed by the Vice President of Behavioral Health.
  • Administers, conducts, evaluates and supervises the implementation of behavioral assessment measures (e.g., VB-MAPP, Vineland, AFLS, ABBLS) and functional assessment measures
  • Develops individualized goals and objectives for home-, community-, and center-based programs and designs behavior support plans based on functional assessment data
  • Ensures appropriate behavioral data systems are implemented such that quantifiable behavioral data is collected at regular intervals to allow for the continual evaluation of behavior plans and the achievement of individual goals and objectives
  • Teaches Behavioral Technicians on the proper implementation of educational and clinical behavior programs and plans, data collection systems and all necessary monitoring and reporting systems
  • Conducts regular caregiver and/or teacher training and consultation
  • Is responsible for ongoing individual program oversight and conducting weekly supervision meetings with Behavior Technicians.
  • Meets regularly with the Vice President of Behavioral Health and notifies her/him immediately of issues impacting client’s progress and satisfaction.
  • Completes all necessary documentation in a timely and satisfactory manner as requested by the Vice President of Behavioral Health.
  • Maintains billable caseload and documents billable hours according to Westlund Guidance Clinic policy and state and federal regulation
  • Develops written reports documenting behavioral recommendations for parents, caregivers and agency personnel in a timely
  • Actively communicates the Westlund Guidance Clinic’s outreach efforts to community
  • Responds to referrals for service in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Participates in professional meetings or conferences deemed to be beneficial to Westlund’s development
  • Adheres to the mission, vision and values of Westlund.

Skills and Experiences

  • Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis and seeking board certification, or a Master’s Degree in Psychology or Education and actively enrolled in a BCBA certificate program seeking full board certification. 
  • Able to meet certification criteria as a QBHP (Master’s Degree in Psychology or Education and documented experience working with children/youth with ASD and completion of 5 of the 6 BCBA certification courses. 
  • Experience in working with individuals with Autism or developmental disabilities.  
  • Knowledge and understanding of behavior analytic therapies; experience delivering or applying these services in a clinical setting.
  • Willingness to work effectively on a multidisciplinary team (BCBA, BCaBA, RBT, OT, SLP, MSW etc.).
  • Must be proficient with DTT, ABA Program/Goal Development, ABA Behavior Reduction and Skills, Acquisition Procedures, and Staff Training.
  • Must have excellent writing and communication skills, be highly organized with the ability to multi- task
  • Must be able to effectively work on EMR (Electronic Medical Records) System.

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